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[Devlin Black 03] - This Dom
Alaska Angelini


Title: [Devlin Black 03] - This Dom

103 downloads, last downloaded at January 12, 2019

Lies have the ability to destroy. Deep down, I knew my secret would come out. But I never imagined the damage it would cause. The love of my life, Victoria, suffered from my betrayal, nearly losing our second child. The reality of what I did nearly killed me. Maybe I deserved to go through hell for hiding my secret, but she didn’t.­Now she pushes me away, determined not to forgive me for slipping back into my old ways. Little does she know, I’m not letting her go. She loves me. Not only can I see it by the way she looks at me, but I feel it in my soul. We're meant to be and THIS DOM will stop at nothing to prove it.

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