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[The Naughty Collection 01] - Claimed By Blackstone
Alexx Andria


Title: [The Naughty Collection 01] - Claimed By Blackstone

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Kayla Swanson doesn't believe in ghosts so when she sinks her entire savings into an old Victorian house in the hopes of restoring it for business, she's more focused on the here and now than the salacious and brutal history of the original owner, Archibald Blackstone. Kayla and her younger sister, Lola, are two of the hottest new interior decorators in the Bay Area and they're determined to turn their fledgling business into a household name. But first, Kayla has her work cut out for her restoring the Victorian to its former glory. When odd occurrences start stacking up, ones she can't explain away, Kayla starts to question her sanity. When the dreams start, dreams that leave her panting and moaning, she doesn't know what to think anymore. Kayla doesn't buy into the hocus-­pocus, woo-­woo stuff but there's something about her house...­even if she's not ready to admit it. Archibald Blackstone has waited decades for the right woman to come along, someone worth parting the veil for during the witching hour on Halloween and the minute he sees Kayla step over the threshold, he knows the time has come. For a man with a voracious appetite, the celibacy of the afterlife is an interminable torture but Kayla was a woman worth waiting for, and he's done waiting. Archibald, openly wicked in life, is unabashedly wicked in death and Kayla is about to discover the pleasure, and delicious pain of being claimed by the infamous Blackstone. After one night...­Kayla will never be the same again.

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