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[Definitely Maybe 02] - Someday Maybe
Ophelia London


Title: [Definitely Maybe 02] - Someday Maybe

236 downloads, last downloaded at February 5, 2019

A new adult title from Entangled's Embrace imprint...
Some guys are impossible to forget. Rachel Daughtry has a ten-­year plan that leaves no room for mistakes. Or not-­so-­serious boys—including Oliver Wentworth, the freshman boyfriend she's never forgotten. Now she's back in San Francisco with an awesome-­slash-­scary new job. Unfortunately, The Plan doesn't cover things like meeting her best friend's new "secret" guy...­Oliver.
Fortunately, no one knows that Rachel and Oliver were ever together, and endless bikini wax torture couldn't make Rachel hurt her friend. But it'skilling Rachel. She's not over him. Not even a little. And as her ten-­year plan crumbles around her, Rachel realizes that maybe—just maybe—Oliver feels the same way. Now Rachel is on the verge of losing all control. And her best friend. And the love of her life...
Someday Maybe is a modern take on Jane Austen’s Persuasion that proves a second chance at true love is always worth the risk.

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