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[Supernatural Bounty Hunters 04] - Bears in Flight
E A Price


Title: [Supernatural Bounty Hunters 04] - Bears in Flight

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Logan Bordeaux. Bear shifter. Bounty hunter with a past he’d rather forget. 33.
The huge bear shifter was thrilled to meet his true mate… six months ago. He was less thrilled at the fact that his delicious little mate won’t bond with him or tell her family about him. But, he’s determined to be patient and wait as long as it takes. Mia Blau. Rabbit shifter. Office manager and reluctant daddy’s girl. 24.
The little rabbit just has to avoid her father’s determined attempts to push her into an arranged marriage and then she’s free to be with the bear she loves. He’s everything she wants, except… she wishes he wasn’t so darn secretive about his past. He really couldn’t tell her anything that would make her love him any less, so what the heck is his problem? But, everything comes to a head when a woman from Logan’s past turns up, and the huge bear soon finds himself unable to conceal his less than glorious past from the one person he wanted to protect from it. Now, he has to deal with an ex arrested for armed robbery and the real possibility that he might push his little mate away before he even gets the chance to claim her. Oh, and not forgetting his mate’s best friend who has less than honourable intentions, a potential stalker and her overprotective father. Life’s never straight forward. Please note this novella is approximately 55,­000 words in length (it’s a mini novel!­).
But I do advise caution! It does contain swearing (there’s a lot of use of the f word!­), as well as scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers.

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