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[Eagle Elite 06] - Ember
Rachel Van Dyken


Title: [Eagle Elite 06] - Ember

2222 downloads, last downloaded at March 11, 2019

I am a Killer. A Rapist. A Monster.­I know only pain and survival. That is until the Cappo's sister walked into my life. And changed everything.
She's a light who makes my darkness darker, her smile makes my heart turn to ice, and I can't escape the fear her seductive looks instill--­knowing it's only a matter of time before I fail--­again, and take her for myself.­This is the story of my redemption. But it's not pretty...­I died, and now I'm alive, but not living, breathing but not surviving. I am Phoenix De Lange, son to a murdered mob boss, estranged brother, horrible friend, monster in the making, newest leader to one of the most powerful families in the Cosa Nostra.­And I will have my vengeance.­Or die trying.­I am Phoenix De Lange. Death is all I know. Until she offers me a piece of life--­I can't resist taking.

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