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[Awakening Pride 05] - A Jaguar's Touch
Lacey Thorn

Lacey Thorn

[Awakening Pride 05] - A Jaguar's Touch
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Title: [Awakening Pride 05] - A Jaguar's Touch

814 downloads, last downloaded at February 12, 2019

The lone Jaguar…

Gideon prefers to stay on the outside, watching, but he’s willing to step in and protect when needed. He doesn’t want family, keeps friends at arm’s length and refuses to believe there might be a woman out there meant to be his and only his. Men like him don’t have mates.

A Woman Undone…

Vic only has one use for men, and it sure as hell isn’t to protect her. She was a Marine. She takes care of herself. She feels the intense burn of desire and knows what others think. There’s only one way to prove them wrong. Sate the lust and walk away.


He’s sure he can fight the need for her even with the touch of fever in his veins, but he never counted on fighting her need as well. Neither of them wants a mate, but the beast inside Gideon is ready to stake a claim. And if that happens, one night might turn into forever.

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