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[Grey Wolf Pack 11] - Valentine's Wolf
E A Price


Title: [Grey Wolf Pack 11] - Valentine's Wolf

1192 downloads, last downloaded at February 9, 2019

Having just turned 30, and after a disappointing foray into online dating, Valentine Daniels find herself single with only the company of a disdainful cat who won’t show her any love no matter how much she begs. But, with a sudden promotion, she finds herself in a small town in Virginia filled with shifters and an infuriatingly handsome sheriff who alternately annoys and arouses her. Finally, things are looking up!­Or at least they would be, if it weren’t for all the problems with the hotel Valentine is trying to get built. Or the creepy guy she went on one disastrous date with and now won’t leave her alone. And just why is she suddenly mistaken for a shifter?­Wolf shifter Jake Foreman quit working for the Supernatural Enforcers Agency and moved to Rose for a quiet life. He just didn’t bank on a fiery little human rolling into town and sending his perfectly ordered world upside down.­With vandals trying to ruin the hotel, a potential stalker and strange compulsion to say the word mine, can Valentine bag herself a sheriff?­Please note this is a novella and approximately 58,­000 words in length. And caution is advised - it contains scenes of a sexual nature with m/f interaction intended for mature readers. (And there’s quite a bit of swearing too!­)

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