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Cry For Tomorrow
Dianna Hunter


Title: Cry For Tomorrow

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Two men and two worlds—both court Halie’s love. But which man sees the woman he professes to love and which sees a means to an end? The fate of two worlds hangs on Halie’s choice.

Time is running out for the survivors of the Great War. If Halie does not find a way to sort truth from lie—Earth and Tereus, the second world that has been trapped in earth’s gravitational pull, will collide and leave mankind at the not-­so-­tender mercies of the ghouls and phantoms—the invasion has already begun.
The order has been given—to locate and acquire the psychics or psis as they are commonly known—willing or not. Black ops agents of both factions are scouring the streets and labyrinth of the abandoned buildings of the inner cities, kidnapping any of the competent psis they can reach.
Desperate to preserve their freedom, Halie and her talented friends are barely a step ahead of the acquisition teams, but they cannot escape the hordes of ghouls and phantoms already haunting their world.
Fearing for their safety and freedom, Halie and her friends have been very secretive about their abilities. As the most powerful and talented of the group, Halie now finds herself the focus of the attentions of two handsome agents, one of the alternate dimension, Tereus, the other of her own Over-­world, each begging for the help only she can give to avert the impending disaster, each believing his own need is greater. Both court Halie’s love—but which sees the woman he professes to love, and which sees a means to an end?
The fate of two worlds hangs on Halie’s choice.

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