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[Compound 01.­5] - His Only Wife
Melissa Brown


Title: [Compound 01.­5] - His Only Wife

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I didn’t think I’d ever want to devote my life to someone. That is, until Brin. I was twenty-­six years old the day she entered my life, just when I’d given up hope, just when I’d given up completely on having any shred of happiness in my pathetic excuse for a life. After years of indecision, self destruction and soul-­searching, she found me. Brinley challenged everything I thought I knew. She proved that goodness could still come from that hellish compound. Goodness, bravery and love. She changed everything the moment she knocked on the door of my apartment, acting as brave as a lion, even though she was shaking like a terrified mouse stuck in my trap. And now, three years later, I want her as my wife. My only wife. Till death do us part. Just us. And I’ve never wanted anything more.

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