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[Luchetti Brothers 05] - The Mommy Quest
Lori Handeland


Title: [Luchetti Brothers 05] - The Mommy Quest

143 downloads, last downloaded at March 9, 2019

Has he found her? Life has never been easy for Tim. Abandoned and left to fend for himself, he's finally found a home with Dean Luchetti. But something's missing. Tim's convinced that what he needs is a mother and what Dean needs is a wife. And he thinks he's got the perfect candidate in Stella O'Connell, his school's principal. The last person Stella expects to encounter at her new school is Dean Luchetti, the man who broke her heart as a teenager. Dean and Stella may have a difficult past, but they feel the same strong attraction they always did and if they're not careful, history could repeat itself. Breaking each other's hearts is one thing, but breaking Tim's is an altogether different matter.

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