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[Wyatt Brothers 04] - Committed Passion
Bonnie Dee


Title: [Wyatt Brothers 04] - Committed Passion

67 downloads, last downloaded at April 18, 2018

The Wyatt brothers and their special ladies are back to celebrate a wedding in a final novella. If you enjoyed Leah and J.­D.­’s story in Blind Passion but wanted to see how they worked out some of their issues, Committed Passion is for you. If you’re a fan of Gina and Micah, who bicker and banter but fall in love by the end of Dangerous Passion, here’s a chance to learn more about how they settle into each others lives. Or if Jonah and Rianna’s pussyfooting around love in Guarded Passion intrigued you, they’re back and contemplating lifetime commitment. Three couples. Six points of view. Three stories tied up and resolved—more or less.

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