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Black Dahlia
Patterson, Tiffany


Title: Black Dahlia

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A year and a half ago, Mercedes Holmes and Raul Santiago shared an explosive encounter that ended abruptly. Since then, Mercedes has gone out of her way to keep both her emotional and physical distance from the sexy and charming Brazilian. Now, however, the full-­time assistant principal and part-­time burlesque dancer finds herself in need of Raul’s security services. Raul Santiago is the consummate ladies’ man. He’s wealthy, sexy-­as-­sin, and just dangerous enough to put himself between the woman he’s had his eye on for more than a year and the stranger stalking her. When Raul finds himself not only offering Mercedes his professional services, but opening up his home to her, the undeniable chemistry between the two becomes irresistible. Over the course of one busy, burlesque performance-­filled summer, Raul fights to break down Mercedes’ emotional walls, and stop whoever it is that is threatening Mercedes’ life.­**

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