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Fate Of The Minotaur
Raines, Harmony


Title: Fate Of The Minotaur

251 downloads, last downloaded at June 30, 2019

Fin's story - Fin is the Minotaur from the Her Dragon's Bane series - my wonderful readers thought he deserved a happy ever after of his own, so here it is. After centuries of living alone in his Labyrinth, Fin, the Minotaur, is offered a chance to lead a different life. With a different face, all thanks to a magic potion given to him by Serena and Charlotte. Fin wonders if he is capable of living among others, after so much time alone. But it's not just the loneliness that he will have to give up, it's also the torment of all the wrongs he has done over the centuries, as the beast with the bullhead. Fin soon realises that just because you change your outward appearance, it doesn't change the monster living inside. Until he meets Sybil. Hunted by a vampire, who knows her secret, Sybil is saved by Fin. Who she knows is not all he seems. Drawn to him in an inexplicable way, she quickly forges a bond with him. Something she has never had with anyone before. However, when a vision comes to her, she realizes that she has to face her fears, in order to save the human race. But to do so she must leave Fin behind and put herself in the hands of the very thing that is after her. With a vampire war threatening, Fin rushes to save Sybil, and is intercepted by the witch Tara. It soon becomes clear, that they may all, once again, be being used by Tara. However, when the vampire war threatens, and the odds are against them, it is Tara and the dragons who move to save the fate of the world. For now... Sometimes the bad guy, also turns out to be the only person who can help. For adults only, contains scorching hot sex scenes.

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