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Know Her, Love Her: Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE
Arkadie, Z.­L.


Title: Know Her, Love Her: Daisy & Belmont, Book ONE

522 downloads, last downloaded at July 31, 2019

Chicago is the backdrop for the first installment in the Daisy & Belmont series. After being struck by one of life’s greatest tragedies, Daisy and Belmont’s love looks as though it may be coming to an end. One walks out on the other but they somehow end up in the same city and strangely in the same restaurant. The “by chance” meetings stack up. Their sexual attraction is still stronger than ever. Each time they get one step closer to reconciling their differences, something or someone pulls them apart. But it’s never easy to defy the hand of Fate, who knows exactly what it takes to keep these two together forever.

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