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Not Quite True (A Lowcountry Mystery)
Lyla Payne


Title: Not Quite True (A Lowcountry Mystery)

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With Mayor Beau accused of abuse of power and facing federal indictment, a relentless curse after her unborn nephew, and a moody, uncommunicative spirit in her room, reluctant ghost-­helper Graciela Harper figures she’s got enough on her plate.

The universe, as usual, figures otherwise.

On a girls trip to Charleston that’s meant to give Beau some space and cheer up her cousin, Amelia, a second ghost follows Gracie back to Heron Creek.

As she digs into the mystery behind the Whistling Doctor of Dueler’s Alley, things at home go from bad to worse. Leo’s not talking to her, Amelia’s depression is putting her health at risk, and Beau…well, maybe he’s not as innocent as Gracie always believed.

All that takes a back seat when Gracie’s run off the road on her way back from a research trip, forcing her to face the possibility that her ghost’s secrets might not be about harmless lost love after all. In fact, he’s been the only person aware of certain documents for over two hundred years, and if Gracie helps unearth them she might find herself trapped underground…permanently.

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