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Sheikh's Untouched Woman
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Title: Sheikh's Untouched Woman

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Serena O’Brien was a young idealistic student finishing up her degree in Paris. She was looking for an adventure, what she found instead was a deliciously exotic man who taught her everything about love, sex and men and then he took it all away. She makes a new life for herself far away, resigned to living a life without her true love. When her boyfriend Raffir al-­Jazzari Crown Prince of Maju-­ul tells her he must take a wife, she mistakenly assumes she will be that wife. Raffir explains that a man does not marry his mistress so she packs her bags and flees Paris without telling him of her love for him or the other secret she carries. A year later, a chance meeting brings the former loves together again but nothing is the same. Will Serena tell Raffir the secret she’s carried alone since they parted? Can he convince Serena he’s a changed man and this time he’s looking for forever?

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