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Dare Me: A Dark Billionaire Romance
Troy, Evelyn


Title: Dare Me: A Dark Billionaire Romance

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Several hours after the exclusive and ornate ball, Jasmine finds herself bound, gagged, and waiting hungrily for her punishment, at the hand of the gorgeously debonair Alpha CEO Dominic Harper. And punishment she deserves, as unbeknownst to him, Jasmine is a filthy liar... After plucking up the courage to approach the billionaire owner of her company, Dominic Harper, she's frustrated to see that he doesn't even recognize her, despite the fact she's one of his employees! Desperate to push him, she instead proposes a game of dare, plotting to garner his attention by any means necessary... An escalating series of sexy, salacious dares descends into a steamy encounter that very night, as Jasmine finally feels first-­hand the dominant streak Dominic Harper is renowned for. Having lied to him about her true identity however, she soon begins to fear the consequences of her billionaire lover discovering his new sub is his own employee, especially as she falls deeper and deeper into the dark mystique that surrounds him... This book is a steamy and risqué story of domineering sex; it is suited to any adult reader who enjoys BDSM-­enthused erotic narratives, and bad-­boy protagonists who always get their way! An excerpt: Jasmine took a long sip of her drink, trying to regain her composure. She could already feel the heat building up between her hips; even if she had resented him at the beginning of the evening, she couldn’t deny the attraction she had felt the moment they had started playing the game together. But she couldn’t quite bring herself to make a dare out of asking him to sleep with her. “You’re allowed to forfeit your turn if you want,­” Harper said, giving her a little, confident smile. “I promise I won’t tell anyone what a chicken you are.­” That stung Jasmine’s pride awake, and she bit her bottom lip, trying to think of something that would be close to what she really wanted, without being so desperate as to use the game as a gambit to have sex with him. “All right,­” she said quickly. “I dare you to get me off… using nothing but your hands.­” Harper held her gaze for a long moment, and Jasmine wondered if she had overstepped; if he would eject her from the room, make fun of her as desperate. He’s probably got dozens—hundreds—of girls throwing themselves at him, she thought bitterly. What was I thinking? “I accept the challenge,­” Harper said, smiling slowly. “But if I’m going to do it, we do it my way; that’s only fair, right?­” Jasmine nipped at the inside of her bottom lip, her heart beating faster. She had been with what she considered plenty of men—though she didn’t exactly keep count, and she had only had a few one-­night stands. None of them had been able to get her off that way; but from the confidence in Harper’s eyes, she thought that he probably had more experience than her—and he, at least, seemed to think he would be more than capable of it.

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