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Let Go to Grow
Doug & Polly White


Title: Let Go to Grow

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ISBN: 9781928662723, 9780011498935

Why do some businesses thrive, while others flounder - unable to reach the next level? Let Go to Grow shows that the difference lies in how well the principal (i.­e., the leader, the owner, the entrepreneur) is able to let go of daily responsibilities and delegate tasks to trusted employees and managers. Using real life examples, Let Go to Grow illustrates how the principal's skill-­set must change to allow the business to prosper. But, it goes beyond simply spelling out what needs to be done; the book explains how to do it in clear, concise and practical terms. Let Go to Grow is a must-­read that helps principals transition their businesses into growing and thriving enterprises. Doug and Polly White are Partners at Whitestone Partners, Inc. a management consulting firm guiding small and midsize businesses through profitable growth. Combined, they have more than 50 years of experience enabling companies to achieve their goals. Polly served as the head of HR at several midsize companies. Her expertise is in people management and human systems. Polly received her BA in Busines from Averett University and her MA in Adult Education and Human development from The George Washington University. Doug began his career with McKinsey & Company. He then worked as the CEO or COO for a number of small and midsize businesses. His areas of focus are strategy, operations and finance. Doug received a BS in Physics from Randolph-­Macon College. He earned a BS and an MS in Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Tech and received an MBA from Harvard

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