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Title: Dove

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After her mother abandoned her when she was just a child, Dove fled the only life she’d known with her younger sister, Serenity, frightened that the authorities would tear them both apart. Leaving behind a life of poverty and constant hardship with the group of travellers she had grown up with, Dove has no choice but to turn to a life of debauchery and crime to feed their bellies and provide them with shelter and security. Fast forward ten years and life is now so very different for Dove. Her once best friend and fellow traveller, Flick O’Kane, now a Hollywood star, appoints Dove to accompany him to a charity ball, unaware just who exactly his companion really is. Both their lives come together in an explosion of sex, drugs and secrets. The friendship they once held close is about to be tested when their past threatens to rip them both apart and endangers not just their own lives but the very life Dove has broken her own soul for... Serenity’s.

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