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Not Quite Clear (A Lowcountry Mystery) (Lowcountry Mysteries Book 5)
Lyla Payne


Title: Not Quite Clear (A Lowcountry Mystery) (Lowcountry Mysteries Book 5)

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Life in Heron Creek has never been what Graciela Harper would call normal. Or relaxing or settled or hell, even expected, but lately things have started to unravel at an alarming rate. These days her priority is the custody case between her cousin Amelia and the all-­powerful Middletons, which isn't looking so good. Gracie and her friends decide to take matters into their own hands, because losing that baby isn't an option for anyone.

The living impaired residents of the lowcountry have different ideas about how Gracie should be spending her time, and will stop at nothing to force her to help them finish their earthly business...­no matter what that means for Gracie's own personal life or physical well-­being.

Add to that the law in town--­and lawlessness out in the woods--­skulking around her like vultures over a fresh carcass, and Gracie struggles to see how she's going to get out of any of these scrapes in one piece.

She's got good friends, an amazing boyfriend, the ability to see ghosts and a pretty decent set of detective skills, thanks to recent events, not to mention hopes for a decent future. But as the storm in Heron Creek swirls into a hurricane, those assets might be nothing more than a list of things Gracie's going to lose.

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