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O\'Shea\'s Love
Burke, Aliyah


Title: O\'Shea\'s Love

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Xaria \"Jötunn\" Hummel had grown up on the ice. She was one of the most experienced ice trekkers and leaders of ice expeditions around. Aidrian \"Hondo\" O\'Shea needed to learn the in\'s and out\'s of survival on the ice. He looked around and found the best one for the job. What he found was that the best \"one\" to teach him was anything but a man as he\'d assumed. She had rich golden-­caramel skin, intelligent eyes the color of green ice, and thick golden blonde hair.­Both of them are used to getting their own way and despite the instant attraction, neither is willing to budge. When they finally do get out on the ice, will it be cool enough to keep the heat between them in check? Xaria has strict rules about being on the ice. As for Aidrian, he\'d always been a warrior and never quite fully believed in the power of love, until now. For even when his lessons are over, he has no intention of letting her go and will do whatever it takes to prove she is

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