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Ice Planet Holiday
Dixon, Ruby


Title: Ice Planet Holiday

2054 downloads, last downloaded at July 17, 2019

All this snow and no holidays? What's a stranded human to do? Create a new holiday, of course. Georgie and the other women decide to bring some new traditions and cheer to the sa-­khui. More babies are born, presents are exchanged, and a new romance blossoms between a human woman desperate for a change, and the alien determined to protect her. This 25,­000 word novella is NOT intended as a stand-­alone. Looking for a place to start? Try ICE PLANET BARBARIANS, book one in the series. Book One - Ice Planet Barbarians (Georgie's story) Book Two - Barbarian Alien (Liz's story) Book Three - Barbarian Lover (Kira's story) Book Four - Barbarian Mine (Harlow's story)

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