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Dead Wrath
Ayer, T. G.


Title: Dead Wrath

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Ragnarok is upon the worlds, and the time to fight is now. They come from all of the Nine Realms. Dark Elves, Dragons, Frost Giants, Elves ... They all come to fight for Odin. \nAnd they answer to Valkyrie Brynhildr. \nWhile Bryn grieves, struggling to cope with Sigrun\'s death, she knows too there is no time for tears. Odin is still a shade of himself and though there is no sign of Loki in all of the Nine Realms - Thor knows he is hiding in Midgard. As the Warriors gather, Bryn must head the offensive and enter the Human Realm in search of the Trickster and his henchman. \nThe war is silent and it rages all across the planet. \nRagnarok is here ... \nIn this, the 4th thrilling instalment in the Valkyrie series, Bryn takes the war to home turf. From New York to London, Interpol to CIA, Bryn and her team risk their lives to stop Loki. And to prevent the end of the world. \n**

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