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Theirs To Take
Knight, Natasha


Title: Theirs To Take

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Eva Webb didn’t know what she’d find the night she secretly followed her fiancé. She had feared he was meeting another woman. But it was so much worse than that. “The man I loved betrayed me, stealing me in the night, packing me on that truck like an animal to be sold to the highest bidder.­” But when the vehicle is ambushed, she is delivered into the hands of her fiancé’s worst enemies: vigilante brothers who would stop at nothing to bring him down. For Gabriel and Syn Rivera, hijacking the truck and stealing its cargo was another job, another way of taking back what was stolen from them. Discovering Eva on board was an unexpected bonus. They now held in their grasp the one thing that could take down an entire organization, making her a pawn in a deadly game—a game in which she would need their protection to survive. But that protection would come at a price: the brothers, who have always shared their women, would require her submission. Eva would soon learn, though, that in a world where criminals often wear two faces, lust can easily be confused for love—and putting your trust in the wrong people can be a deadly mistake.

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