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CHAOS (A Lords of Sin MC Novel) (Motorcycle Club Bad Boy Romance)
Michelle, Aubrey


Title: CHAOS (A Lords of Sin MC Novel) (Motorcycle Club Bad Boy Romance)

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How did I wind back up in this bad boy's bed? Raven I left this life behind long ago. I wasn't supposed to end back up in his bed. Going to school to be a medical examiner was supposed to give me a new lease on life, a life that didn't include him. I was the bad girl turned good, but then he happened. Everything happened. His fierce eyes burned a hole right through me. One look at him was all it took. I wanted to save him, but who was going to save me from myself? I know I'm too good for him and I should've never come back, but now I can't change what's happened. Every time--­every single time--­I look at him, my panties drip with anticipation. There's no stopping myself now. Chaos I never knew the meaning of being tied down, unless it was tying a chick to my bedpost. Flirt, f*ck and party. That's what being the enforcer is all about. Being a bad boy means taking chances, screwing everything that walks and representing the patch. That's all I'm guilty of. Those murder charges? Nah, sorry boss, that wasn't me. Protecting Raven was going to be harder than I thought. Inserting herself in the middle of a serial killer investigation and sticking her neck out on the line meant that I had to up my game. Challenge accepted! And while I'm at it, I'm gonna make her do a bit of squirming on my own. Does she hate me? Not yet but by the time I'm done with her, she might. Chaos is a full-­length, standalone novel. No cliffhangers!

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