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All Work and No Play
Kwan, Coleen


Title: All Work and No Play

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All Work and No Play equals one steamy summer night. Anna Reynolds is stuck with the infuriating Giles St Clair. If she wants to meet her project deadline, she needs the highly sought after consultant’s help. But everything about Giles annoys Anna, from his posh English accent to the way every woman swoons at his feet. And the worst thing about Giles? She can’t help being attracted to him. Not that she’ll ever act on that attraction. A messy office affair would stall her career, and she’s not interested in being another notch on Giles’s bedpost. When a close encounter with Giles in a stationery cupboard forces the truth out, Anna forgets all her own rules. She and Giles need a circuit-­breaker, and one steamy summer night together might be just what they both need. But is one night enough?

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