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Trust Me
Burke, Aliyah


Title: Trust Me

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To survive the present and have a future, she must trust a man from her past. D.­A.­R.­K. Cover, Inc., Book 2 Shelly Marie Dixon is a woman with a scary past. Literally. Never able to settle in one place because of the man set on tormenting her. After five years of struggling to move on with her life, she goes back to the man she left years ago. Hopefully, he will help her and not brush her aside. Adam Wilder, eldest brother and co-­founder of D.­A.­R.­K Cover, Inc., never in his wildest dreams expected to find his lost love sitting in the lobby of his company building. No way he’s letting her face this danger alone. If it takes all of D.­A.­R.­K’s resources he will risk it. Whatever it takes to keep her safe. Problem is, will he be able to keep it professional, because one look at her and he wants to go back to how things were, way back when. The only way that is going to happen is if she’ll believe him when he says: “Trust me.­”

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