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Ladies Man
Evans, Katy


Title: Ladies Man

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He's not the guy you date. He's the one night stand. You'd think the man who sends hot looks my way, who called me succulent, would want to strip me to my skin and spread me out on his bed like every other woman in Chicago. Except he passed on my offer.... Just like I once passed on his. He's wary, like I am. He's broken, like I am. And everyone knows two broken parts can't ever make a whole. So I try to distract myself with dating. Tahoe and I are strictly friends. He doesn't think my new beau is good enough - he doesn't think any man is, especially himself. The more time Tahoe and I spend together, the more confused I feel. I'm trying to open up to love. But I'm quickly realizing that the only man I want is the stubborn, cocky, unattainable playboy Tahoe Roth. The one my mother warned me about. The one my body craves. The only one who will surely break my heart. **

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Chrissie_­Wright on 2018-­10-­26 23:­17:­41

Why is everything coming up without any links?!?

Guest on 2018-­12-­27 07:­43:­35

why does everything I try to download come up as file not found? I have used this site for 2 years and though the odd book won't download I've never used this site and been unable to download a book at all.