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Where Angels Fear to Tread
E. M. Forster


Title: Where Angels Fear to Tread

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ISBN: 9781455401697, 9781627938778, 1230000114551, 1230000157323, 9780486160115, 9781438555300, 1230000199703, 9781420904284, 1230000098560, 9780015993306, 9780012418048, 9780011984124, 9780148594128, 9780013639176, 9781614307709, 9780014357536, 9780015672515

Like his novel E. M. Forster's focuses on a group of English men and women living and traveling in Italy. A young Englishman journeys to Tuscany to rescue his late brother's wife from what appears to be an unsuitable romance with an Italian of little fortune. In the events surrounding that match and its fateful consequences, Forster weaves an exciting and eventful tale that intriguingly contrasts English and Italian lives and sensibilities. As in Forster novels, among them and reveals the author's deep fascination with all of human experience—sexual, moral, spiritual, imaginative, material. Acutely observant of the ways of the English middle class, he is as critical here of its snobbishness, greed, and cultural insensitivity as he is respectful of its decency and kindness, common sense, and goodwill. This splendid novel reveals the great breadth of his gifts as both storyteller and humanist—attributes that continue to make him one of the twentieth century's most admired novelists.

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