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Not Quite Mine (A Lowcountry Mystery) (Lowcountry Mysteries Book 7)
Lyla Payne


Title: Not Quite Mine (A Lowcountry Mystery) (Lowcountry Mysteries Book 7)

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Life has settled back into some semblance of normal for Graciela Harper and her friends in Heron Creek. Of course for Gracie, that means a new ghost knocking on her door asking for favors.

When she sees the spirit of a teenage girl who has been missing for over a year, Gracie knows she has to help, even if she would rather spend all day in bed with the mayor instead. As she navigates the emotional waters surrounding the girl's family, friends, and first love--­who also happens to be one of Leo Boone's estranged brothers--­Gracie starts to suspect that Ellen Hargrove didn't disappear of her own free will.

Secrets run deep in all families, a fact that Gracie knows based on her own struggle to come to terms with Detective Travis's connection to her mother. As she uncovers more of the ghosts's hidden past, though, two things become clear: there is someone out there who doesn’t want Gracie to find out the truth, and the ghost of Ellen Hargrove isn't going away until she does just that.

Join Graciela Harper and the cast of characters in Heron Creek as they move on from the curses surrounding Drayton Hall and face new challenges--­and offer up plenty of their own.

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