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[Lords of Mayhem 03] - Live Free
Shyla Colt


Title: [Lords of Mayhem 03] - Live Free

188 downloads, last downloaded at February 15, 2019

After surviving an ordeal with a sadistic man who was using her to destroy the Lords of Mayhem, Evonne realizes that her quiet, ordered life is no guarantee of safety. The Lords insist on protecting her and assign the job to a macho biker known for his womanizing. Her friends disapprove, but she’s sick of being a good girl, and hot sex with a bad boy is just what she needs.
Rocky’s concerned that guarding a prim accountant will seriously cramp his style—until he discovers the wild woman hiding beneath those conservative suits. He has never met a firecracker like Evonne, who’s smart and ferociously sexy. He’s surprised to find he enjoys her company and even more shocked to find himself falling in love.

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