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[His Dirty Secret 04] - Boundless Desires
Evelyn Troy


Title: [His Dirty Secret 04] - Boundless Desires

234 downloads, last downloaded at December 27, 2018

After meeting with her arrogant ex Marcus, and once again taking the measure of the man, Isobel casts her mind back to her current predicament, realizing that she alone is the only one who can set things right, and truly stake a claim for the man of her dreams. Talking things over with Tyler, and intending to give him a stark choice - his money or her love - all is on the line for her fledgling relationship... This sordid, steamy story is the fourth book of best-­selling author Evelyn Troy's series, His Dirty Secret. Filled with graphically described depictions of hot, BDSM-­infused sex, it is for neither the faint-­hearted, nor for anyone under the age of 18!­**

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