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Just a Number
A D Ryan


Title: Just a Number

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When 21-­year-­old Amelia Michaels returns home for Thanksgiving after a long night of partying with her friends, she finds an unexpected surprise in her bed: Her father’s 43-­year-­old best friend, Owen Cavanaugh. Mortified by what they’ve done in their inebriated states, Amy and Owen plot to keep what’s happened between them from her father, Alan. Unfortunately, keeping away from one another seems almost impossible now. While he tries to fight it, Owen’s attraction to this much younger woman is undeniable. He knows it’s wrong, having watched her grow up, but when Amelia suggests a shocking solution to their growing attraction, he finds himself unable to refuse. What neither of them expects is for their feelings for one another to grow. How will Amy and Owen deal with the obstacles that coincide with such a large age gap as well as coming clean to the one man who means the most to both of them—Alan? Is age really just a number, or will their differences eventually tear them apart? Full length New Adult Contemporary Romance.
Contains coarse language, mature subject matter, and explicit sex scenes.
Recommended Reading Age 18+**

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