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[Spada Crime Family 02] - Wrong
Katherine Lace


Title: [Spada Crime Family 02] - Wrong

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I stole her to make a baby…Wrong? Hell yeah, it’s wrong. Wise guys never live by the rules, but there’s one you don’t break. I’m not a damn bit sorry. I’m done with one-­night stands. I need a family to call my own. A wife. A kid. I found the perfect girl: Sarah. The second I felt her curves, I knew she was destined to be mine. It’s been explosive since we met, and it’s only getting hotter. I won’t stop until she’s carrying my baby. One problem—she’s engaged to an abusive bastard. Sal. The man next in line to become my boss. He doesn’t deserve the girl or the job. And ever since I took Sarah, he’s out for blood. She wants to leave him, so we made a pact: protection for a baby. I know it’s wrong. Ask me again if I care. Bring it. Author's Note: This is the second book in the Spada Crime Family series but is a standalone novel. For a limited time this copy of Wrong includes the first book in the series, Filthy!­**

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