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[Eden Manor 03] - One Week with Her Husband
Noelle Adams


Title: [Eden Manor 03] - One Week with Her Husband

473 downloads, last downloaded at March 13, 2019

Three years ago, Cassandra's marriage fell apart, and she separated from her husband, Silas. She moved away to start a new life, but now she's back home, determined to end the marriage for good. She might still love him, but they can't live together without hurting each other. Divorce is the only option left. Silas is big, rough, and sexy, and he's never liked to talk. He's been living like a recluse since she left, shutting himself off from the world. He reluctantly agrees to an amicable divorce--­if she's willing to spend time with him every day for a week. She doesn't know he's planning to change her mind by the time the week is over.­**

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