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Furrever Yours
Georgette St Clair


Title: Furrever Yours

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Nurse’s aide Heather Appleby thought she’d seen it all on her late-­night shift at Grayslake Memorial Hospital. Nailgun accidents. Sex romps gone wrong. People inserting things in unspeakable places. Then one night, a battered, unconscious girl is carried into the E.­R. – and turns into a wolf right in front of Heather. Next thing she knows, Knox Carlson, the sexy, growly beast of a deputy who’s always ignored her, is sniffing around – and staking his claim on the curvy human.
Knox Carlson is an Alpha werewolf, and the first time he scented Heather, he knew she was his with a capital H,­I,­S. But she’s human, so their mating can never be – until he’s called in to investigate the disappearance of a wolf shifter female who’s run out on her arranged marriage. Now that Heather has learned the secret of shifters, he’ll have to claim her as his own or let her be put down – and he’ll take on every shifter in Georgia before he lets that happen.

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