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[Devil's Blaze MC 03] - Released
Jordan Marie


Title: [Devil's Blaze MC 03] - Released

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**Their Love nearly destroyed both of them.
Can they find their way back to each other? **

Can you love and hate the same person?

I fell in love too fast, too young.

I made decisions I thought would protect the ones I love.

Now I’m hated for them.

Skull is the love of my life.

But our life was wrapped up in lies.

We were captured by them, and left with nothing when they exploded.

How much can a heart take before it breaks, and just doesn’t care anymore?
Everything Beth and I had was a lie.

I claimed her, but she left me broken.

Letting her back in would be a mistake.

Fool me once… but never again. Never. * *

I won’t allow myself to be weak again.

A man can only take so much.

I’m done...­or maybe not...
Conclusion of Devil's Blaze Trilogy. (Previously and tentatively titled Conquered) Breathe easy there's a HEA in there for Skull and Beth and you even catch up with Torch and Katie

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