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YOGURT for Agile Development
Yilmaz Guleryuz


Title: YOGURT for Agile Development

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ISBN: 9781301125234, 9780044501886

I've been experimenting with different ways of nurturing Agile & Entrepreneurial culture onto teams, companies, projects... and daily life! Sequence of events inspired me, I woke up one morning and began taking some notes, in a thinking loudly style... With continuous practice, my notes evolved into a book form thru the way. In May.­2012 I've self published the first Yogurt book. Since then I got involved in variety of technologies, experimentations... Thereby, I felt the urge to reflect my new experiences onto Yogurt book, by revisiting, revising and extending the contents. Though, I was so tired of the books written in "how-­to" style! It is funny to see there is still plenty of books claim to teach you the magic recipe. e.­g. how-­to build Agile teams in 10 steps, how-­to become master quickly in 4 steps, etc etc. As Musashi said; "You must understand that there is more than one path to the top of the mountain.­" My intention is neither to provide any kind of ultimate recipe, nor anything like how-­to build better teams in 8 steps! On the contrary, all sections are written with passion, just for the sake of sharing knowledge and my humble experiences. Here we are… the shiny NEW edition! - Completely re-­designed & reformatted - Each section has been carefully revised, and extended - a new Chapter about GAMIFICATION In this extended edition, we will enjoy the ride with the flavor of Yogurt here and there, talking about this and that… in 8+ sections: 1) People Development 2) Agile - Sharp - Transparent 3) What - Why - How 4) Work is Fun 5) Flow 6) Harmony in Chaos 7) KISMIS 8) the WareNinja Test +1) GAMIFICATION Einstein said well; everybody is a genius! You have the skills, vision and passion to do things in your genuine way... just believe in yourself and better begin, sooner than later, right now..! Disclaimer: This notebook (that’s better than naming it a book) will not give you the ultimate answer to the meaning of Agile Development, neither to life (the answer is surely 42!­), but again, finding the ultimate answer is not in scope of that notebook, I doubt the existence of ultimate answer to any question though... Note: Blurbs are the invention of my mind, triggered by coffee & cigarettes! Appended just before the final revision, while approaching dawn of the day... hope you like them :-­)

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