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Roxy Harte


Title: Trust

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ISBN: 9781607378501

Genre BDSM Erotic Contemporary Kari is twentyone, but in many ways she is still a child; having lost her parents as a baby and then her only other living relatives the grandparents who raised her as a teen, she has a hard time forming emotional attachments. Believing she can fill the void in her life with music and sex, she dances her evenings away at a CyberGoth club and leaves with the man of the day. That is, until she is introduced to Julian, a man who loves the cyber scene as much as she does and has a British accent to die for. Theres only one problemhe refuses to have sex with her. Julian is brokenhearted after losing the masochist he groomed for years to meet his every sadistic need. As a fashion buyer for the family business, he travels the world to stay connected to the ever changing trends of the CyberGoth community, shopping by day and dancing by night, but left with little time to find a girlfriend. In a moment of desperation agrees to meet a girl who should fit perfectly in his CyberGoth world

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