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Bedlam Butchers, Volumes 4-­6: Double Down, Double or Nothing, Slow Ride: The Motorcycle Clubs
Dixon, Ruby


Title: Bedlam Butchers, Volumes 4-­6: Double Down, Double or Nothing, Slow Ride: The Motorcycle Clubs

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Collecting three sexy novellas in the Bedlam Butchers series, this box set features the dominant, sexy Bedlam Butchers and the women who risk everything to take these dangerous men on… DOUBLE DOWN When you love two men, the stakes are higher. I love Beast and Muscle. The two brutal Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers have taken me into their arms and their life. Nothing can ruin my happiness…except the rest of the club. They’re tough, rowdy, and everything I’m not. It’s clear I need to fit in or hit the road, because I can’t make my guys choose between me and the Butchers. To make matters worse, cocky, outrageous Muscle has shut down entirely. Something’s bothering him, bringing war flashbacks with it, and it’s threatening to destroy our fragile new relationship. One thing’s for sure. I may be down, but I’m definitely not out. And I’ll fight to the death for my men if I have to. DOUBLE OR NOTHING EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE I’ve found a fragile happiness with my two men, Beast and Muscle, Warlords of the Bedlam Butchers. Our threesome works so well that I can’t imagine a day without them…or a night without both in my bed. But a rival MC has decided that what’s in the past shouldn’t stay there. With loads of blackmail information on the line, Beast might be going back to prison unless we can make a deal. But what the other club is asking for is nothing less than me, in a stranger’s bed. And Beast is going to sacrifice himself for me unless I find a way to save him… SLOW RIDE ONE OF THE BOYS Lucky’s the first woman to ever be patched in the Bedlam Butchers, and she’s still trying to figure out where she stands. The guys keep protecting her from the worst club business, and well, treating her like a girl. To make matters worse? She’s pregnant. How’s she supposed to be a tough biker if she’s got a baby on the way? HIS LADY ALONE Solo can’t figure out why Lucky’s pulling away from him. Every time he tries to make her happy, it blows up in his face. But when Lucky gets in over her head, can he save her? Or does his girl need to save herself?

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