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Her Bear and a Baby
Raines, Harmony


Title: Her Bear and a Baby

443 downloads, last downloaded at June 21, 2018

Bear shifter, Beau, has become a recluse. After the death of his sister, he struggles to face the world. A once highly respected PI, he now lives alone, hardly ever venturing out in his human form. Instead, his bear is his refuge, and he knows it would be only too easy to melt away into the mountains and never return. But the ghosts of the past hold him to his childhood home. Bear shifter, Elise, has a problem. A promise she made on her sister’s deathbed means she must try to find the father of, Connor, her sister’s child. Beau is the man she tasks with the job, telling him she was abandoned by her mate, who left her pregnant and alone. The only problem... When she comes face to face with Beau, she realizes he is her true mate. Should she maintain the lie? Or should she come clean and tell him the truth. That secretly she doesn’t want to just find the man who betrayed her sister ... she’d like to put a knife in his heart instead! When secrets are revealed, Beau and Elise find they have more in common than they ever could have imagined. And eventually they will find out who is the daddy, to baby Connor.

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