Sweet Moon Dreams
Rose Marie Wolf


Title: Sweet Moon Dreams

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ISBN: 9781599984469

They only wanted a normal life, but never realized normal for their kind meant murder, deception, kidnappingand hunters. This is book One of the Moon Series. Books are recommended to be read in order. A werewolf from birth, Rose Sullivan has had to deal with her share of secretive living in order to preserve her own life, but things have gone too far. She is wrongly accused of homicide, and a hunter by the name of Marcus Brown has found her out. When cornered, she has no choice but to kill him. It was selfdefense, but Rose has endangered all of her kind. Now she is on the run, desperately trying to reach the home of her fianc and fellow werewolf, Jason Barnett. Being the supportive mate he is, Jason vows to do anything to keep Rose safe, even if it means dealing with the rest of the hunters facetoface Warning, this title contains the following graphic language, graphic violence, including murder, and sex explained in contemporary language.

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