Dark Moon Magick
Rose Marie Wolf


Title: Dark Moon Magick

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ISBN: 9781604351583

Warning this title includes graphic language, violence and some sexual situations. Werewolf Rose Barnett has a serious problem She's pregnant and unsure who the father of her child is. To make matters worse, her husband, Jason, is gone, unknowing that she is even carrying a child and a new werewolf arrival to the PRDI brings a wave of unexplained "accidents", that threaten her and her unborn child As Rose's pack bands together to uncover the truth behind the accidents and keep her safe, Jason works ceaselessly to find out the truth behind his growing psychic abilities. When an unexpected psychic call for help leads him to a research facility, Jason meets a strange woman who may be the key to discovering his true self. But before he can return home with his findings, he must stop a new threat before it is too late for them all.

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