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Carolyn Faulkner


Title: His

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ISBN: 9781609681388

Raina Boardman had it all - money, success, power, and all the trappings therein. She was the head of a company she'd created from the ashes of trying childhood, and she should have had everything she ever wanted.­brbrBut everyone has some desires can never be spoken aloud, and she had never confronted her own head on: she wanted to submit to a man, someone who would take her in hand and make her want to surrender herself to him. It was almost as if she had too much control - was too demanding - in her daily life. She needed someone strong enough to meet her toe to toe and back her down unhesitatingly - in business and in their bedroom . . . brbrHe arrived in her boardroom one day - a filthy rich, disgustingly handsome billionaire playboy who could buy and sell her in a heartbeat - and conquered and controlled it perfectly. She knew she was lost. She only hoped he couldn't see quite how much she wished he would focus all that power and dominance on her.­brbrIn the end, she betrayed herself to him, and entered a

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