Proud Wolf's Woman
Karen Kay


Title: Proud Wolf's Woman

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ISBN: 9781609289737

He rescued her from slaverynow he is captive to desire. Lakota, Book 3 Stolen from a cruel husband by the savage Kiowa, Julia Wilsons life has gone from bad to worse. Just when she has reached the end of her endurance, salvation rides into camp. Neeheeowee, a proud Cheyenne brave who once filled her young heart with romantic dreams, has come to save her from everything"except the flames of desire that still burn. Bitter and intent on vengeance against the man who killed his wife and unborn child, Neeheeowee has no room in his heart for love. His captured ponies and treasured robes were supposed to be traded for Kiowa weapons. Instead, to his annoyance, he must trade everything for his old friends life. Hard as he tries to hang on to his anger at being set off his mission, he cannot deny he yearns for the woman whose gentle, healing presence reminds him that happiness might exist beyond revenge. Her lips tease him with passion he dare not risk, for those who are long dead still haunt him. To take the love she

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