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Gray Hawk's Lady
Karen Kay


Title: Gray Hawk's Lady

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ISBN: 9781609289744

When Lady Genevieve Rohan joins her father in the farthest reaches of the American West, she expects to bring a bit of genteel English charm to his dry, academic existence. Instead, she finds her father desperately ill, and it’s up to her to finish his study of the Indian and publish his work—or face the wrath of his creditors. Her troubles mount when the men hired to capture a member of the Blackfoot tribe don’t bring her a docile maid to study. They present her with a magnificent warrior—proud, outrageously handsome and simmering with fury at the loss of his freedom. The white woman is beautiful beyond compare, but Gray Hawk can’t think past his plan to exact revenge against this meddling foreigner. It’s ridiculously easy to escape, then turn the tables and take her captive. When anger turns to passion, then to love, he embarks on a new quest. To claim the stubborn, red-­headed vixen as his own. Yet as their hearts strain toward each other, pride conspires to pull them apart…unless they can each find a way for their hearts to become one. Warning: Contains a raging, simmering love, consumed by its fire and destined to explode at any moment.

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