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White Eagle's Touch
Karen Kay


Title: White Eagle's Touch

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ISBN: 9781609289751

Two worlds. Forbidden love. Blackfoot Warriors, Book 2 Katrina Wellington is vexed. She must marry to obtain the rest of her inheritance. But her uncle, who left her in New York with a governess to make his fortune out West, has suddenly decided he must approve of her fianc before he will loosen the purse strings to her dowry. Swallowing her outrage, the socialite treks to the same wilderness that claimed her parents lives years ago. Some small part of her is crestfallen that her uncle is not waiting with open arms. Only three guides, Indian guides, await her, and one of them is far too handsome for his own good. At first, White Eagle does not like the spoiled, willful niece of the white trader. When he catches a glimpse of the vulnerability behind her prickly exterior, he cant resist challenging the dazzling beauty to rediscover her true inheritance"the inner strength bequeathed to her by her parents. Close contact on the trail soon arouses a soulstirring passion and in its turn, love. But love may not be en

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