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[Inspector Mosley] - Murder, Mr Mosley
John Greenwood

John Greenwood

[Inspector Mosley] - Murder, Mr Mosley
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Title: [Inspector Mosley] - Murder, Mr Mosley

7 downloads, last downloaded at February 12, 2019

After seventeen years, Brenda Thwaites Cryer returns to Parson's Fold with a shadowy past and the shadowy fortune. Now, she lay dead in Jackman's Cottage. And the only possible witness—­her invalid mother—­is missing. For Inspector Mosley, this case is a radical departure from locating missing turkeys or thwarting orange thieves. But HQ has no one else available – no one, but whiz-­kid Sergeant Beamish, whose task it becomes to keep a close eye on unpredictable Mosley. Yet how could Beamish fulfil his duty when Mosley dispatches him on ridiculous research missions from a Yorkshire castle, to a prestigious law firm, to a dentist in Ember Bay – only to discover Mosley poking about on the scene when he arrives? For Beamish, it is infuriating – until these haphazard leads net important clues that help quietly ingenious Mosley bag his very first killer. 'Mosley and Beamish are an appealing odd couple as cops, both likeable human...

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