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[Randoms 02] - Rebels
David Liss


Title: [Randoms 02] - Rebels

26 downloads, last downloaded at November 24, 2018

A science fiction superfan is heading back to space on a new mission to save Earth in this hilarious follow-­up to the "exhilarating" (Booklist, starred review) Randoms.
It's difficult to return to Earth and live a simple, unadventurous life after having seen the wonders of the universe—­especially when you find yourself with Smelly, a self-­important artificial intelligence living in your head, reminding you how much of a primitive meat bag you are. But with Smelly's help, Zeke is on his way back to space on a new, super-­secret mission. Zeke may earn Earth a second chance at intergalactic membership—­and better yet, he'll be reunited with Tamret, the alien girl of his dreams.

However, things never go as planned for Zeke. Conspiracy abounds as he's once again blamed for destroying a spaceship, and sent deep into the dangerous Forbidden Zone to find the military tech tree that the enemy Phands are already using. Will his knowledge of pop culture and...

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