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[Florence Nightingale 01] - No Place For a Lady
Gill Paul


Title: [Florence Nightingale 01] - No Place For a Lady

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FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE WASN'T THE ONLY HEROINE ... 1854. Britain is fighting a gruesome war. There has been no news of Lucy Gray since she eloped with handsome and impetuous Captain Charlie Harvington and embarked with him to the Crimea. Dorothea Gray will risk anything to heal the rift with her little sister and bring her home safe. She determines to join Florence Nightingale and the other courageous women travelling to the battlefield hospitals as nurses. She will not rest until she finds her sister. Lucy, however, is on a very different journey, a journey through tragedy, trauma and true love. But neither sister is prepared for the challenges they will face, the passion they will each taste and the simple fact that they might never see one another again ... A spellbinding and exquisite tale of courage, adventure and love. Prepare to be swept of your feet!

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